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You might love blogging, being creative, and helping others, but the process itself can take up alot of energy leaving you frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.

You know that your blog has potential and that you love the possibility of making money working on something you love, but you just don’t know exactly how to get there.

Plus, there’s so much confusing information online every time you feel like you’re making progress, there are a million things telling you that what you’ve done is still not good enough.

I see so many bloggers making the same mistake, leading them down the path to failure. They get frustrated with their progress, lack of earnings, and may even give up on blogging all together.

I know this is true because it happened to me. I gave up on blogging not once but twice, and I’ve seen it happen to others, too.

Before TravelFashionGirl.com I had another travel blog. In my excitement I jumped in head first only to encounter so many unexpected challenges along the way. I thought blogging was going to be easy.


Didn’t I just start a blog, publish a post, and start seeing the money come in?


It took me one frustrating year to realize that I had done everything wrong. Somehow I got completely lost by the world of “blogging” that I failed to see that the secret to succeeding was in something I’d been doing for years: RUNNING A BUSINESS.



I’m not here to show you how to blog. I’m going to show you how to be the CEO of your own company.


Hi! My name is Alex and I’m the Blogger-in-Chief at TravelFashionGirl.com. In 2008, I dropped out of conventional life to explore the world and I’ve traveled full-time for nearly 9 years, visiting 46 countries and counting.

Five years ago, I launched a blog that began as my personal quest to learn how to pack light on my long-term travels; it has now turned into the most popular blog for female travelers in the world.

With over 600,000 monthly readers and over 1.4 million monthly page views, I’ve helped millions of women avoid the mistakes I made when I started traveling.

Earning a six-figure revenue, I’ve been able to earn a living doing something I love all while traveling and scuba diving my way around the world.

Blogging made my dream a reality, and completely changed the course of my life!



One of the biggest things that keep bloggers and online entrepreneurs from moving forward is lack of motivation and direction.


To ensure that doesn’t happen to you I’m holding you accountable with LIVE monthly mastermind group calls and Q&A sessions, emails to check in on you, and a Facebook Group that’s there for you 24/7.

Whether it takes you 6 days, 6 weeks, or 6 months to complete this course, you still get access to The Six Figure Blogger community even after you’re done. My support doesn’t end just because you finish! Plus, you have lifetime access to all the course materials, which means you can continue to reference the content as your goals evolve and your business grows.

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$247 (save $100!)

Are you doing something you're passionate about?


This course is only for serious entrepreneurs with a dream that goes beyond the traditional 9-5.

You're learning the actual steps I've taken to succeed in my blog; a business that enabled me to travel the world at my leisure, finance my passions, and support my loved ones.

I quit my corporate job in 2008 to travel around the world full time. I traveled full time for almost 9 years and went to 46 countries; I now make a living doing something I’m 100% passionate about.




This course is not only a beginner's guide for those who are just starting out, but it’s also an opportunity for current bloggers to find the focus they need to get on the right track.

I'm not offering you false promises of a secret sauce to magically transform your blog into an overnight success. This is my exact recipe and I'm here to give you insider access to years of solid knowledge.

If you’re a blogger that’s ready to put in the hard work to create a successful business, this course is exactly what you need to get you there.

"We really enjoyed the Six Figure Blogger program and found all the material very useful for any blogger - beginning or someone who has been blogging for a while and who wants to now monetize their brand/blog.

Particularly, we found the "how to work with brands" aspects very informative, including the scripts and how to negotiate.

The affiliate marketing and the affiliate groups information was also very valuable.

And finally, the support from Alex on the FB community is incredible. Alex is really passionate about helping succeed and she openly shares her tips and advice based on her solid and concrete experience.

The FB group was also great to network with like-minded bloggers who want to take their businesses to the next level.

We definitely recommend Alex and the Six Figure Blogger program if you want to get the real deal. Alex shares with us how she is making it and how we can do it too with perseverance and patience."

Claire & Rosemary



The course consists of six in-depth modules jam-packed with training videos, expert interviews, rich content, video tutorials, bonus guides, and a direct look inside my business. I’m giving you everything including the screenshots of my earnings to show you that it can be done.



Module 1:

Define Your Identity

We’ve all heard it: “content is king”, but what does that even mean? You may have already written some incredible blog posts but it still hasn’t paid off -- here’s where you’re going to learn why content IS king but that it’s actually a balancing act with these other secrets to success.

► Understand Your Audience

Learn how to figure out what makes your audience tick. Determine what they want to know about and how to help them.

► Discover Your Place in the Digital World

When you understand what unique aspect you bring to the blogosphere, you will see the doors open up and find the place only you can fulfill.

► Brand Identity

In a flooded marketplace, your brand needs to stand out, be memorable, likable, and reflect you. Getting these pieces right the first time means a cohesive brand that you can be proud of for years to come.

Module 2:

Marketing and Promotion

So, you’ve nailed your content strategy and your audience is going to go crazy for your new blog. Now it’s time to get more readers. Module 2 is all about getting a steady flow of the RIGHT traffic. Bigger audience = bigger income possibilities.


Think these three letters don't have anything to do with you? Think again. Travel Fashion Girl regularly ranks on Page 1 for my target keywords — find out how this is important to you.

Social Media

Having a social media presence can seem overwhelming, difficult, and downright exhausting — you’d be right — if you don’t have these secret weapons.

Non-Traditional Strategies

Not all tips might seem obvious at first so I reveal the sneaky traffic secrets I've learned over the years.

Module 3:

Monetization Techniques

This module is like a money buffet. You’re going to get a good look at all the possibilities for you to monetize your blog and most importantly, start to evaluate which ones will work best for your blog, audience, brands, and ethics.

► Content Monetization

Know when to monetize what and how to charge for things you might be giving away for free.

 Influence Monetization

Having a strong social media reach has more benefit than just growing your unique monthly visitors. Find out how it can impact your income, too.

► No-Fail Sales Tactics

Learn exactly how I transform brands with "no budgets" to paying clients with a valuable marketing campaign.

Module 4:

Information that Sells

Think the only way to make money online is to talk about making money online? Discover your unique skills and how you can expand your online income monetizing them.

The Three Step Monetization Process

How many times have you heard “sales funnel” and been left trying to reverse engineer this effective sales method? I give you the formula piece by piece that will have you creating the content that moves your clients to press “add to cart”.

► Mailing Lists

You've heard that a mailing list is everything, but do you really know why? Find out how when to collect and email and how to use it when you have it.

► Digital Products

It seems like the most popular way to make money online is e-products. Find out how to create them, market them, and land your first sales!

Module 5:

Affiliate Programs

This is the goldmine you keep hearing bloggers talk about in vague terms, right? No more. Here is where you get a step-by-step method for high paying affiliate links and the tips and tricks you need to use them like a pro. This is one of the most important units for creating steady passive income - don’t miss it!

► Retail Affiliate Networks

Where do you sign up for affiliate programs? How do you get your special codes? How do you get paid? Get the answers to your biggest questions and more.

► Amazon Associates Program

An in-depth look at the Amazon Associates program including a bonus guide on how to get started and proven strategies about how to use them.

► Popular Income Earners

Discover which sources of income will work best for your blog.

Module 6:

Evolving Your Business

You’re so used to be being an individual, but blogging is so much work, especially as a professional blogger. The secret to getting things done is to delegate. Let me show you how to grow your company.


Find out where to find qualified people to help you successfully maintain your blog and how to create a flawless system to run your team with ease.


Uncover how to strengthen your managerial abilities as the head of your own company and the ways you can expand your network (and opportunities).

 The Final Lesson

This is the key takeaway that will change the way you treat this or any other business.

Cracking the blogging code is tough. The harder you try the more you feel like you fail.


Sometimes it just helps for someone to show you exactly what they’ve done and what’s been successful so you know whether or not you’re on the right path.


If there’s no one there to confirm that what you’re doing is right then how can you ever feel confident enough to move forward?


  • Understand the process to achieve long term growth
  • Learn key SEO tactics that lead to my 1.4 million monthly page views
  • Strategies that doubled my revenue and audience every year
  • Determine where to to focus your time and energy
  • Brainstorm creative ways to build your own brand
  • Learn from 10+ Expert interviews with bloggers, influencers, and specialists
  • Receive a constant source of motivation through LIVE Monthly calls
  • Get INSTANT ACCESS to all the modules from day one



This is so much more than a blogging course, it’s a business training for online entrepreneurs.

"Before The Six Figure Blogger, I had no idea of the world of possibilities that was open to me through blogging. Less than a year later, I have launched a successful blog that has already started to make money.

Alex is an amazing mentor, and the ability to leverage her skills and knowledge are an invaluable gift to any blogger."

Heather C Hudack



How Much Does It Cost?

The full price of the course is $347. However, you can enroll at the discounted price of $247 until July 2.

Is this for new or advanced bloggers?

This course is not only a beginner's guide for those who are just starting out, but it’s also an opportunity to get on the right track for current bloggers who want to up their game. Read this to learn more about whether or not this course is right for you.

How Is It held?

When you log into your account you’ll have access to all the content. There are six modules plus bonus content. Each module includes one introduction video, written content, additional instructional videos as needed, interviews with experts, and a workbook.

Are you personally going to review my blog?

This course does not include a personal blog review. The Six Figure Blogger is a DIY training program to learn and understand the principles needed to run a blog as a business. However, there will be live Q&A group sessions where all members get a chance to participate in the discussion. They will be announced within the Facebook Group and via email once the course is in session.

Do I get a one-on-one session with you?

This course does not include a one-on-one session with me as it is not a mentorship program. The Six Figure Blogger is a DIY training program teaching the principles necessary to run a blog as a business. However, there will be live Q&A group sessions where all members get a chance to participate in the discussion. They will be announced within the Facebook Group and via email once the course is in session.


How long is the course?

On the day the course opens, you get access to all the materials at once. No need to wait! You can move at your own pace. Some will want to review everything over six weeks and others might take six months. Take as much or as little time as you need. It's DIY.

What if I'm not a travel or fashion blogger?

You can apply the principles to any blog genre. In fact, one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded blogosphere is to get inspiration from blog genres outside of your own.

How do I ask questions?

If you have any questions throughout the course, please share them in the Facebook group so fellow course members can learn if they’re also struggling with the same problem. If you prefer to keep your question private, I’m always just an email away, too.

What's your refund policy?

I am certain that you’ll find the information so valuable that I am happy to provide you a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee.

"Alex has an open, genuine, and direct way to share her knowledge, with a punch of enthusiasm that inspired me to take action right away! The information she provides is not only about technical aspects, but she also shares her inspiring story and own experience becoming a six figure blogger which will save me from making the same mistakes.

Step by step, with this course she guided me from finding my niche and my own voice, to growing an audience, doing all the technical stuff to promote, sell and my new favorite part...delegate!

There is a lot of work to do to gain all the benefits from this e-course, but with Alex's guidance, support, and resources I know I can succeed! In a sea of information, this e-course gives solid know-how to turn my blog into a thriving business and achieve the lifestyle of my dreams!"

Luna Vandoorne


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I am certain that you’ll find the information so valuable that I am happy to provide you a 30-day no-risk money back guarantee.